Accel Robotics Corporation Cookie Policy

What are cookies? 

“Cookies” refer to small text files with pieces of data that are stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile device which are used to identify both individuals and computers on a network.  HTTP cookies are those with which we generally interact, as they can be associated with individuals, which can be used to enhance one’s web browsing experience. 

When used to identify an individual, data is stored by the server on the cookie.  This data includes a unique identifier for you and the device you are using. This unique identification is read by the server, which enables it to send information specifically tailored to you. This explains why, on certain online stores, you often see products recommended to you based on items you have previously purchased. 

Cookies can also refer to tracking pixels, which are small code files that enable companies to gather information about a users’ behavior on a particular website to conduct cross-context advertising campaigns.  This explains why you will frequently see advertising directed to you on social media platforms that reflect the other websites that you visit and products you view. 

What are the different types of cookies? 

EU law contains several distinct types of cookies: strictly necessary, functional, performance, and advertising.  

Strictly necessary, or essential, cookies are those that are required to provide the services that you request from us.  They cannot be turned off or disabled without preventing us from delivering our services. 

Functionality cookies enable us to remember you, your specific preferences and settings, and tailor your experience based upon that.  

Performance cookies are those that measure how frequently you visit and interact with our websites.  For example, this helps us understand what web pages are visited most often and by which kinds of users.  

Advertising cookies collect information about your visit to our site, your IP address and browser type, the links that you clicked, and the content that you viewed. 

Does Accel Robotics deploy any of its own, first-party cookies? 

First-party cookies are those which are created, set, and controlled by the company whose website you are currently visiting.  These are most often used to help enhance your user experience by remembering usernames and passwords in addition to other preferences.  

Accel Robotics does not create and deploy its own cookies on its website(s). 

What are third-party cookies?  

Third-party cookies are those which are set by those other than whose website you are on.  They are enabled to collect information for third-parties and are most frequently used for cross-site tracking.  These third-party cookies are used for various purposes, most often for analytics to improve search engine results, deliver content to you, or to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  

Does Accel Robotics use any third-party cookies? 

Yes, Accel Robotics uses approved third-party cookies to help identify where our website visitors come from.  Specifically, third-party cookies are set on our website to determine if our web traffic is driven by, for example, search engine results, news stories posted online, or social media networks.   

Accel Robotics uses the following third-party cookies: 

We use the aforementioned third-party cookies in order to more effectively target our services, refine our products and marketing campaigns, and tailor our product offerings.

If you would like to know more about Google Analytics, please visit this website on "How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps."

Are the third-party cookies required for the products or services provided by Accel Robotics? 

No, cookies are not required for Accel Robotics to be able to provide its products or services.   

What can you do to control cookies? 

For most modern web browsers, you are given a great deal of control over the cookies that you accept and retain on your computer.  This is most commonly accessible through the “Preferences” or “Settings” of your browser.  

If you are having difficulty managing your cookies, the help feature can assist you in blocking all cookies, removing all or specific cookies, and with preventing cross-site tracking (i.e., third-party cookies).  Do note, however, that if you do block cookies or delete specific or all cookies from your browser, you may experience disruption in services and features of websites you visit.